Harvest's philosophy

Together we plant the seeds of tomorrow for your company

We like the stress and discomfort of growing a company

That's why we like to stand along side you in the soil and build your brand with you. Because we know that every great investment begins in discomfort.

Why? Because real market innovation is fearless

At Harvest, we are interested in both early stage businesses and more mature consumer companies. Of both we believe they can break new ground and develop bright futures.

We create more than capital

We create the change you need for your brand to stand out. Although we help you guide through your market, we don't only think in profit. We think in productivity, prospect and people. Because that's where the real growth is.

Why? Because we want to see you grow

We stand alongside you in the fields of your prospect and guide you through remarkable stages of growth and discomfort. Because we believe great ideas are made through great changes.

We help planting potential

By using progressive ideas and processes we represent generations to come and plant seeds for your future.

Why? Because we believe exceptional brands are run by exceptional people

We invest in people who have potential and are purpose-driven. The bold and fearless fascinate us.